Welcome to car rental website by "Minotaurus-CarRental.com"  Leof. Ikarou 92, New Alikarnassos, Heraklion Crete 713 07.

Where does the name of our office come from?

Minotaur was a mythical creature, a monster with a head of a bull but a human body made by King Minos, who used it to punish his enemies. He lived his whole life in the labyrinth where everyone who whould enter was eather lost or killed.

All this until King Minos decided to throw the beloved and royal daughter of Ariadne Theseus in the labyrinth ... But Minos did not know that Ariadne would help Theseus give him a spinner, "Mito of Ariadne" when Theseus enters the labyrinth to unravel it, so he can then find the way out after killing the Minotaur. Indeed, the hero fastened one end to the entrance of the labyrinth, searched for, found and killed the monster, and by retracting the mite he managed to get out of the Maze. Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, Theseus and Ariadne escaped.

It is our desire that our customers, as in a modern maze, discover their own myth by following their own roads and paths on the Cretan land.

A few words about us.

We are active in providing a full range of quality car rental services covering all over Greece.

We are here to suggest solutions that suit your needs, based on your needs, and we are continually studying market data and opportunities to achieve the best result for your own benefit.

What distinguishes us is in-depth knowledge of the market, our long-term experience in the negotiations and our effective contribution to the swift completion of the transaction.

Our priority is to fully satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers, because for us the greatest satisfaction, reward and advertising are our satisfied customers.

With our principle of respect for the customer, we provide you with:

  • A great variety of new and safe vehicles
  • High quality, timely and friendly service
  • Unbeatable prices
  • No hidden charges
  • Clear terms

With the hard work and continuous training of our experienced staff, we are able to offer high quality car rental services, ensuring the customer's satisfaction, making him rent a car an experience he will want to repeat.